is an inclusive network of women and men with various backgrounds and nationalities working in the Netherlands. Our members come from the corporate- as well as the non-profit sector. Some of them work for governmental organisations; others are entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen.

Besides different backgrounds we have 17 different nationalities represented in our network.

We strive to have a direct impact on women in business and a global impact to empower women in society. We are focused on making difference by bridging the gender equality gap especially in leadership positions.

Ingrid Veling and Renata Mrazova founded Polaris in November 2016.

Renata Mrazova, Global Head of HR NN Group and Co-founder of Polaris

 What binds us is

  • our passion for diversity & inclusion
  • our ambition to reach our goals, to make difference
  • the fact that we are active in achieving this

Our purpose 

We want to make a difference in the society we live in, so next generations will be able to live and work in more balanced and fair environment where having equal opportunities is a given.

Our motto is therefore "Joining forces to create equal opportunities for future generations!"

Our values


We enable each other to develop, grow and shine through education, mentoring and other activities.


We inspire and support each other. We know that a community can achieve more than an individual.


We want to positively impact our society, so next generations will be able to live and work in a fair environment where having equal opportunities is a given! 


We respect each other, our different backgrounds, opinions, beliefs. We prefer to have an open mind and to use a common sense. 

People behind Polaris

Renata Mrazova

Global Head of HR NN Group || Co-Founder of Polaris
“During my life, I have met many inspirational people who supported me, listened to me and pushed me forward. I have received a lot from them, therefore I want to give back and support others.”

Ingrid Veling

Founder of Ignite Coaching & Consultancy || International coach (ACC) || Co-Founder of Polaris
My dream is that members of Polaris are able to reach their ambitions & goals with help of other members of our network. By joining forces, we can make a difference in people’s careers & in society! I hope gender equality will become soon a reality!

Lenka Libanska

Managing Director || Founding Member at Polaris
“I believe in power of communities. I have seen during my nomadic life that people can accomplish something that seemed so out of reach when leaning on each other, supporting & helping one another!”

Oana Dumitru

Head of Customer Experience NN International || Marketing & Creative Polaris || Founding Member Polaris
“I am grateful for my experiences abroad where I felt my universe expanding while meeting people from various backgrounds and cultures. My goal is to share some of this experiences with others and to continue to keep diversity at the heart of everything I do.”

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