is the buzzword nowadays. Many researches show that networking is the most effective way to land a new job or to be assigned to a new project. We all know that we need to network. Some of us enjoy the activity, while others like it less. But there is no reason to feel uncomfortable about networking. It is about connecting people; being inclusive; about asking for help and offering help to others.

The aim of POLARIS networking is to connect individuals with various backgrounds and nationalities working in the Netherlands. At our events, you can meet interesting people from the corporate-, as well as the non-profit sector. Some POLARIS members work for governmental organisations; others are entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen. We combine more than 17 nationalities! What connects us is our ambition to grow and make a difference.

Try and visit one of our events and decide for yourself!

“When you fuse the knowledge of people from different professions, ages, and backgrounds, you can get very surprising resources for your projects. You will never know if someone holds the most valuable piece of information, until you ask them.”
Lin McDevitt
Networking Expert
“Next to practical insights on how networking can really work for you instead of just maintaining contacts, the networking event actually expanded my network even beyond the participants present during the event. I’m already in contact with other professionals to share experiences which will contribute to our personal and professional growth!”
Karin Drent
Senior Risk Mangement Consultant