Studies clearly shows that advancing women’s equality can improve the bottom line results of companies and add significantly to global wealth. Many organizations recognize that diversity is the engine to innovation, however, gender balance unfortunately does not occur naturally. Instead, it requires great effort of both men and women to achieve positive results.

Current circumstances and research reveal that it will take many more years to achieve gender equality at the top management level in the Netherlands. Millennials in their early twenties, who were interviewed recently, estimated that, at the current pace, gender equality will only be reached in 20 years from now. At Polaris we want to achieve gender equality for women in a much shorter time period.

We plan to achieve this through two different approaches. The first approach will support women in their leadership advancement. In return, we hope they will help us accelerate the change by actively creating an environment where having equal opportunities for men and women is a given. The second approach will take place on a (global) societal level by making women aware of their female power as a (consumer) group and by using this ‘power’ to address gender related issues. 


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