Are there people around you that seem to know about new projects or job openings earlier than others?
Do you hesitate to raise your hand and apply for a role because you do not tick all the boxes?
Do you keep your ambitions and dreams to yourself?
Would you like to help other women advance and fulfill their dreams?

What is Career Brokerage?

The aim of the program is to create a safe and confidential environment, in which women can actively and freely voice their ambitions, and help each other advance their careers and reach their potential.



Why have we launched the initiative?

The number of women in key positions, both in the corporate world as well in governmental institutions, is still low. A study published by the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek and the Social Cultural Planbureau (December 2016), states that although the number of women in key positions in the Netherlands and worldwide is slowly increasing, the effect is not yet visible in reality.

Anna Fels, an American psychiatrist and writer, has conducted research on how women deal with ambition. The research has shown that while women might have initially the same ambition as men, they tend to adjust it along the way. Why? This is partly due to how girls are being raised, and partly due to social pressure and barriers in the work environment.

Anna Fels mentions that, in order to fully follow your ambition and reach your potential, you need to:

Be good at something
Be able to show that in public
Get acknowledgment for your achievements

The acknowledgement part is usually the stumbling block for women. Women, in general, receive fewer acknowledgements for their work than men. If they do receive it, they often have difficulty accepting it.

So what can you do about it? Four tips to create impact:

  • Clearly voice your ambition to people that you trust;
  • Ask for help in order to achieve your goal;
  • Build a professional network of people that are aware of your ambition and are willing and able to help you;
  • Offer to help other women to become visible when needed, introduce them in your network and provide them with interesting leads.

In order to do that, you need a safe and encouraging environment. The Career Brokerage initiative might be an answer for you. We have launched it with the aim to create a supportive environment for women.


How can Career Brokerage help you and vice versa?

CB can help you to become more vocal about your ambitions!
CB can support you in building a professional network!
CB can provide you with interesting leads!
You can help other women to advance their career and reach their potential by providing support, leads and ideas!

Do you want to join the initiative?

If you are interested in joining our CB initiative, please send an email to Zdenka de Booij ( and/or Ingrid Velin (

You will then receive an invitation link to join our closed community on LinkedIn.

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