5 Podcast to listen to on International Women’s Day or any other day of the year

Women are amazing. They create and give life, they work and inspire, they teach and they learn, they manage the household and they are trailblazing in science, business, art or any other field and they simply make life more beautiful for all of us to enjoy!

On International Women’s Day, Polaris Networksis offering a gift to all women and men who want to discover more about the superpowers of women, learn from them,  want to understand them better and the challenges they are facing or those who are simply looking for inspiration.

So we put together a list of podcasts that you can listen in your car, during your commute, at home or on the beach. This is our Top 5 Podcasts worth listening – not just today, but any other day of the year when you feel the need to get inspired by amazing people.

TED Radio Hour

By now, probably all of us have heard about and listened to the famous TED Talks. The TED Radio Hour is a compilation of TED Talks on a specific topic adapted for radio (NPR – US National Public Radio). You can always find an interesting topic to listen to in this podcast series, but the episode we want to highlight is the one on “Gender, Power and Fairness” focusing on how the discussion around gender biases has evolved and where it could go next.


Making Sense

Sam Harris, the host of this podcast  is an American neuroscientist, philosopher, author and blogger and also one the people who have brought podcast to a level of deep intellectual discussion. In his podcast he is not afraid to address any topic while discussing with a variety of high-caliber guests. He can sometimes have a very critical approach, for which he gets pushback from his guests but the attractiveness of this podcast stems exactly from these debates. An interesting episode to listen to is the one focused on the famous hashtag and it’s called Is #MeToo going too far.


This is another great show and podcast by NPR and it is hosted by two American ladies. The podcast “explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior—things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.”  One of the best podcasts as nominated by The Guardian, the episode we recommend is the one focused on patterns – “The Pattern Problem”. As women are often times placed or place themselves into a specific pattern, this episode explores how we can break out of our pattern and have a new perspective.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferries became famous after he published his notorious “The 4 Hour Work Week” book but he was for a long time already a start-up entrepreneur and an investor in tech companies. He’s a mastermind of creating his own brand and influence reach and his podcasts are mainly conversation with inspiring people from various domain. The episode we recommend is the discussion with Arianna Huffington, an ambitious female entrepreneur and in this episode you can listen about her life story, her challenges and her new business focusing on mindfulness and thriving.

Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman, the podcast host is also the co-founder and chairman of Linkedin. In each episode, he introduces a counterintuitive business theory and then proves it out through his lessons learnt, but also through conversations with successful entrepreneurs. Main focus is on scaling a business and how to achieve that. An interesting episode to listen is the conversation with Marissa Mayer, founder of the Associate Product Manager program at Google and later on CEO at Yahoo. The focus of the episode is on “How to make the star employees you need”.

To listen to these podcasts, you can just follow the links in this blogpost or download them on your Apple and Android phones or anywhere else where you listen to podcasts. Enjoy!

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