Polaris launches Peer-to-Peer coaching through its’ most recent program – Circle of Choices

Last month, Polaris launched it’s first group of Peer-to-Peer coaching and the program is called “Circle of Choices”.

The program is aimed at senior leaders, executives or business owners who are looking to further develop themselves by sharing, learning and discussing with peers who go through similar experiences. When you are a senior leaders, it is not always easy to be open about what is happening with you, what impact some choices or events have on you and not everybody can understand the pressure you are under. However, it all flows better when sharing this with peers.

The “Circle of Choices” is following a specific format in which a group of peers will create a sounding board for themselves

The first group that already started this path, comprises of 10 people, who meet on a monthly basis. Together, they will create an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust. The group will be carefully formed by members with similar experience, working in comparable roles and dealing with identical challenges. This will facilitate powerful and trusted connections within the group.

Renata’s choice

Renata Mrazova is the facilitator of the first group participating in Circle of Choices and she has shared with us the reason why she believes such a program is important for the development of women who are in senior leadership roles.

“I decided to launch the Polaris peer-to-peer coaching program because I’ve seen how substantial impact such a program had on my development and on me personally in the past years. Throughout my career while working in various senior leadership positions I learnt how to cope with constant pressure and rely on myself. I understood that senior leaders could be very visible and what they say and do might have significant impact on others. It is probably not a surprise that I have at the same time found myself in situations when I felt lonely and without a sparring partner with whom I could discuss what I was going through.

The peer-to-peer program which I have been part of for many years in Prague, Czech Republic, worked extremely well for me. I could suddenly meet and share my dilemmas, concerns and happy moments with a group of people who have been in a similar situation. I met regularly with peers who were working in different businesses and industries but dealt with same issues. Being able to share what I felt and was going through was for me transformational. Suddenly I got practical tips and heard different experiences that others like me had. 

The peer-to-peer coaching is really unique and at the same time very practical and inspiring. Due to the safe environment and mindful approach our discussions never stayed on surface and went really deep and often were accompanied by strong emotions. For me personally it has been a life-changing experience and therefore I am really happy that we could launch the first Circle of Choices within the Polaris network.”

Choose to open up and discover how it will help you grow

Peer-to-peer coaching is a powerful tool for your further learning and development. You will become more aware of our behaviour, reactions and your impact on others. You will better understand your motivation; your challenges and
you will become more aware of yourself. This will help you grow as a leader and become even more inspirational to

We hope that the members of the first group will also feel the positive impact of Peer-to-Peer coaching and will recommend it to others. Polaris will launch 2 additional “Circle of Choices” groups first in September 2018 and then in February 2019, so contact us if you are interested to know more. The new Circle of Choices will not be focused only on senior female leaders but also on young talents and mid-management roles.

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