Kicking-off the second Polaris Mentoring Program

Last week, Polaris has launched the second “generation” of mentors and mentees with an event that brought together over 100 participants. In the new Mentoring Program, Polaris will facilitate the mentoring relationship for over 76 pairs of mentors and mentees.

Our program focuses on supporting women to achieve their ambitions, be it either to grow in their career or start a new professional challenge, but also to deal with personal challenges and generally empowering them to be a step ahead. We do that by finding the best mentors, either women or men that are passionate about diversity & inclusion and connecting them with the ladies that are open and keen to further develop themselves.

The launch event organized in partnership with NN Group, started with the Co-Founders of Polaris, Ingrid Veling and Renata Mrazova welcoming the guests and continued with an exciting panel discussions on Mentoring in the context of Diversity & Inclusion.

One interesting point was raised by Caroline Pickard from Catalyst brought an interesting perspective into play, as in a mentoring relationship it is not only the mentee that ge

ts the benefits, but also the mentor. Learning about a new industry or culture, practicing your leadership and

coaching skills or understanding new perspectives are just a few of those benefits. Caroline also mentioned that for mentors it is not just about the self-development, but research show that those who went out and mentor other people, make more money.

Sangbreeta Moitra, one of the mentors in our program has shared with us one of her favourite quote but also what Polaris means to her: “Polaris to me is about Passion, Gratitude and Giving Back.”

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill


After the panel discussion, Lenka Libanska the Managing Director for Polaris, shared more guidelines about how to conduct the mentoring relationship. A short overview of our program and the guidelines can be found here.
Next, Malin Hedlund the founder or MHLeadership energized the audience with an inspiring workshop on how to “Lead to Inspire”. She talked about how setting yourself a goal can change you – you start working towards reaching that goal and your mood changes depending on what you tell yourself and how you treat yourself.
After a dinner break when participants got the chance to meet their mentors or mentees, the group reunited for an engaging and interactive training on how to get the most out of the mentoring relationship. Ingrid Veling and Janneke van de Loo-Brackel shared with the audience a few tips & tricks that you can also find here and here.

We are really grateful for another great start of Polaris Mentoring Program and we wish all participants to have an inspiring mentoring path ahead of them!

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