Let go of Limiting Beliefs & Reach your goals and dreams – by Alena Hielema

I’m Alena Hielema, a business coach supporting service-based female entrepreneurs in building their businesses. I resonate with the vision & ambition of Polaris to reach our goals and dreams in life & business, making the impact and moving forward in achieving this! I feel privileged sharing my knowledge with Polaris in a mentor’s capacity.

Also supporting the organization with the “Limiting beliefs – how to go over it” workshop during the phenomenal event “Inspire & Impact Together” held on 29th September 2017, gave me possibility to share my experience, tools, insights and inspire women to go confidently, despite of fears, for what is in alignment with their desires & values. Being confident means being true to oneself, thus, in our decisions, our thoughts and sensibilities. For this is the mark of a leader.
So, are you aware of your self-limiting beliefs? Do you know what prevents you from moving forward and being your best? Is it that tiny little voice in your head saying that you don’t have what it takes? Or you don’t belong? Or you don’t fit in? Or maybe you’ll not succeed?

Remember! If you say: ‘I CAN’T DO IT’ you won’t step up and end up limiting yourself.

Though we often focus on the many challenges women face in the workplace, it is no secret that women also hold themselves back from reaching their full potential. Faced regularly with gender bias and all kinds of stereotypes, unfair pay practices, and a culture that favors men’s advancement, it is very common for women to shy away from direct confrontation and give up their personal power. Limiting beliefs are often cited as a reason for women’s lack of confidence and ability to be perceived as potential leaders. It has always been my interest to discover ways to lift these barriers, and I use a variety of methods with my clients. I know, from my experience of coaching professional women, it is easier to teach someone the skills necessary to navigate a competitive work environment than it is to help them let go of the limiting beliefs they may have about themselves and their future success.
I would like to end this post with Sheryl Sandberg’s quote as it spoke to me personally a while ago: “We hold ourselves back by giving in to self-doubt and lowering our own expectations of what we can achieve. Stop pulling back when you should be leaning in”. I hope it will speak to you, too.

To your success,
Alena Hielema

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