POLARIS mentoring

is a highly regarded one-year program that can help you:

  • clarify your next steps;
  • get a fresh perspective on your career status & your aspirations;
  • set and reach your goals, both in business as well as in your private life;
  • develop yourself.

The program aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience outside your regular working environment. It is designed for those who are willing to work on themselves, actively navigate their life and have impact on our society! You might have experienced mentoring before within your company of employment, but having a mentor that has a different background and comes from another industry can be a life-changing experience.


Who can join the program?

Our program is focused on women that are willing to work on themselves. It does not matter whether you are at the beginning of your career or already a rather seasoned professional, whether you want to make a career change, become an entrepreneur or are simply "stuck" in your current role and in need of someone to help you determine your status and aspirations.

Our only criterion is your motivation and dedication! Read all details in our Mentoring Brochure.

How can I join?

Do you want to join us and become a mentee? Then do not hesitate!

  • The 3rd year of the Polaris mentoring program will start in January 2019!
  • 60 women will have a chance to be part of it!
  • If you are up to the challenge and would you like to be part of the program, register ASAP!

Let us know what your goals and dreams are and why we should select you!

We have 60 amazing mentors ready to help you. Our mentors have various backgrounds, experience and expertise, but all of them are experts in their fields. They are ready to listen to you, guide you, and get you out of your comfort zone!

Price for the annual mentoring program: EUR 105, including:

  • Short Mentoring Training
  • Personal Mentoring Sessions with your Mentor (minimum 6 sessions)
  • 3 Mentoring Events. 


I would like to be a mentor...

We are very happy that you want to share your experience & knowledge with others and help them develop and reach their goals. Our mentors are carefully selected. They are all experts in their fields. Would you like to become a mentor?

Please contact us by writing a mail at polarisnetwork@outlook.com! 

Practical guidelines of Polaris mentoring

7 steps to successful mentoring

  • Mentoring is Mentee-driven and Mentor-guided, with a clear beginning and a clear end;
  • Relationship between the mentor and the mentee is built on mutual trust and guidelines that are agreed at their first meeting;
  • There are a minimum of 6 mentoring sessions per year / 1.5 – 2 hrs each, but most mentoring couples are in contact more frequently;
  • Sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via skype or phone;
  • If a session is cancelled, the person who breaks the appointment is responsible for rescheduling;
  • Listen, reflect and ask open questions! Give and receive open feedback;
  • Respect, trust and an open mind are crucial to a successful mentoring relationship!